I invite individuals to pen genuine reviews about their experience with me.
They are at liberty to express their feelings, observations, and recount the events as they unfolded.
As time ebbs away, these shared reflections become my cherished memories, preserving moments that might otherwise fade.


Review from Vlada

I have started the healing sessions with Linas few weeks ago. The first 2 were quite fast, about 15 minutes. Even though this short time I was able to experience different things within my body. At one time I felt the heat in my lower back, in the way that something really hot touched it. The other short one I felt like with deep breaths my body felt like it became lighter and it gave me a slight feeling of flouting.
The last session was the longest one, in the beginning I did not really feel anything but slowly, I began to see different siluets, of a man or different animals. During the process I started seeing colours. First was green when my eyes were closed, it felt like I am overwhelmed my this colour, as it was too much. Then the colour changed in red then blue , and it felt like those 2 colours balanced the green . And after I opened and closed my eyes again I saw a flash of a pink 🩷 colour. During this process my hands were laying on my stomach at the time when I started seeing those colours it felt like my hands became one with my stomach (which was making a lot of noises). After I saw a wolf that was looking straight at me, and this wolf slowly vanished and I sow white colour. When I sow white it gives me feeling of peace , my mind was clear, I felt total relaxation. When the white disappeared after a second or so I felt like it was a good place to stop and I opened my eyes. The session was over.


I am 29 years old. I have epilepsy and started getting treatment and it improved. It was a very interesting feeling, it seemed as if I remembered my parents for the first time. Those who knew me were surprised that I looked at them differently. I started treating my spine and it improved, I have less pain and I gained weight, I weighed 49-50 now 50-51. When I meditate, I feel peace and warmth, sometimes something happens that I feel pain if the area more that's usually painful. I have became happier, I look at life differently, the desire to meditate myself came. I have become more active, I am less nervous and at the same time, I experience significantly fewer seizures, personally, this has helped me. And I am happy myself.

New life

Step forward in life

Greetings to the visitors of the linasjuozenas.eu website.

I want to share with you my emotions and feelings after repeatedly working with Linas.
As a young professional athlete, I approached the healer with a request to restore my internal energy, to open broader paths on a subconscious and mental level. After long and repeated work over me, I can confidently say that I felt significant and rapid growth, especially in quality, in my sports career which I have devoted my whole life to. At first, I didn't believe in this, but following the advice of other people who have already gone through this, I tried it on myself and am firmly convinced that it works.


The session itself lasted from two to three hours but it felt as if it was no more than five minutes. Initially, what I personally felt was complete relaxation of the entire body and all limbs, then my breathing stabilized, it became deep and crystal clear. Then the mind clouds over vanished and a feeling of weightlessness manifests. I cannot describe the process itself as I was not conscious, at the end of the session there was a complete feeling of return and the arrival of personality back into the body.
I'm very pleased that I met this person and experienced such changes.

Relieved of the burden

My name is Todor *** and I am 58 years old. Before Linas' session, my whole body was swollen. After two sessions in one week, my body had recovered, it was relieved of the burden it had, I was sleeping peacefully without snoring. On a mental level, I was freed from bad thoughts, and on an emotional level, I was positively charged. Thank you Linas for the great work and help.

Happiness replaced the tension and insomnia

Usually I am able to cope with periods of internal imbalance and minor aches, but due to the abrupt
and dynamic changes in my life brought by the birth of my first child I started feeling severe
internal pressure.
In the last few months I was frequently catching a cold, I was feeling nervous and even some times
I was feeling pressure in my solar plexus. On the surface my life seemed so perfect that I found
myself often pondering about what is actually wrong. I wasn’t able to find an answer and to top it
all off this internal pressure manifested itself through insomnia.
I contacted Linas and right after the first session I felt relief. I was always a sceptic regarding
spiritual practices and alternative medicine, however this time I just decided to trust Linas. During
the session I felt a mild warmth in my head and I felt like my solar plexus was opening up and all
the pressure was seeping out. After just two sessions my insomnia disappeared, the frequent colds
became part of the past and happiness replaced the tension and the nervousness I was feeling.
I’d recommend Linas’ services to anyone that wants to get rid of the tension and the colds without
pills and countless sessions of counceling!