What is the price?

Our mission extends beyond mere financial gain, aiming to rejuvenate as many lives as possible.
Our primary focus resides with those who stand in the greatest need,
often those who can offer us nothing in return.
Our commitment is unwavering towards those who require the most assistance.

By reducing the collective burden of suffering, we uplift the entire humanity.
The propagation of happiness benefits not just the individual, but society as a whole.

Indeed, the strength of humanity is akin to that of a chain, with its resilience determined by the strength of its weakest link. We strive to fortify these links, building a stronger, more compassionate world for all of us.

In terms of financials, our meetings generally commence with a suggested starting price of 300 pounds. This cost is variable, depending on the duration and complexity of the issue at hand.
However, we firmly believe that financial constraints should never deter anyone from seeking help. To that end, an individual is always welcome to contribute more based on their capacity or, conversely, offer nothing at all if they are unable to do so, or choose not to.

Assessing the monetary value of a life-changing event, or even a minor issue, is a deeply personal consideration. The scale of these moments varies greatly from one individual to another.
Therefore, we leave it to each person's discretion to determine their contribution, believing that the measure of their heart will guide them.

You're also welcome to contribute financially to support our ongoing efforts.
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What's the most challenging outcome you could face?

At its most minimal, our approach might yield nothing more than an enjoyable conversation or a comforting cup of coffee.
Yet, such an outcome, while potentially underwhelming, is far from negative.
In fact, we have yet to witness such an instance.
The range of experiences our clients report spans from profound relaxation to transformative self-reconnections, which can shift the trajectory of their lives.

How do you execute this healing process? Is it possible for you to impart this knowledge to others?

Typically, the process of imparting knowledge or a new skill requires an investment of months, if not years. Consequently, I no longer possess information that can be condensed and taught effectively within a span of a few hours.

These pursuits demand a profound level of dedication and resilience, requiring an individual to devote a significant portion of their lifetime. They represent more than a passing interest or hobby; they embody a lifelong commitment and unwavering passion. If one is not prepared to surrender a substantial amount of their existence to these pursuits, they might find it futile to embark upon them.
Only those willing to dedicate their lives to the pursuit of knowledge or mastery should dare to take the first step on this arduous journey.

However, I do conduct seminars which last around five hours, approximately a day's duration. These sessions provide a comprehensive introduction to the art of lucid dreaming, equipping you with the essential mindset and tools to commence your journey.

Beyond that, I also offer a unique service: I can act as a conduit, transmitting messages from your soul to your conscious self. This guidance can provide you with everything you truly need, connecting you more deeply with your innermost desires and truths.

My approach to work is highly personal and thus far, has proven to be comprehensible solely to me. Despite dedicating several years attempting to convey my methods to others, I have yet to attain success in these endeavors.

I plan to revisit this challenge after a few years, in the hope that time will enrich my wisdom and enhance my pedagogical skills, thereby enabling me to successfully share my unique methodology with others.

Likely, were I to impart the art of healing, it wouldn't be through verbal communication or demonstrative actions, but rather through direct engagement with the soul. The level of comprehension required for this discipline surpasses the boundaries of spoken or written words, residing in realms of deep, intuitive understanding.

Essentially, my actions are not perceptible to the naked eye. I remain static, devoid of speech or physical movement. My body merely serves as a conduit, a vessel if you will.

The true protagonists of this scenario are our spirits. It is they who engage in the unseen dance, orchestrating all the action behind this tranquil facade.

Linas, with a population of 8 billion, if you're unable to share your expertise and can't heal everyone, how can we help ourselves? What's the best course of action?

For those who feel called to journey down the path of energy healing, what obstacles could potentially lay ahead?
The journey towards mastery in any field is often a winding one, fraught with lengthy periods of dedicated practice and intense study. Certain meditative techniques, for example, may necessitate more than a solitary month of diligent practice, while the exploration of dreamwork might demand a commitment of over half a year just to start.
How much time will transpire before you finally cast your eyes upon your own hands, counting your fingers amidst the dream world, and thus inaugurate your ethereal journey?
Similarly, even the fundamentals of scientific disciplines require decades to fully comprehend.

To embark on the journey of becoming an energy healer, you must first distance yourself from external distractions, from other humans, ideally for a period of 3-5 years. As your body and mind undergo self-healing, you'll begin to open up to interactions with the "others." Once you develop a deeper connection and sensitivity to the world around you, the path will become clearer.

To further your journey as an energy healer, delving into the realm of dreams is crucial. Begin by honing the skill of lucid dreaming; practice recognizing your own arms and counting your fingers while in this dream state. Initially, this might seem like a whimsical exercise, but as you progress, the profound significance of these actions will become evident. As you navigate and understand this ethereal space, you'll gain insights into the deeper layers of consciousness and the interconnectedness of our existence.

Thirdly, and most importantly, let your spirit guide you. As you tune into your inner essence and intuition, memories of your true self will resurface. With this newfound clarity, your knowledge and tools will become more evident, illuminating your path. This inner wisdom will empower you to discern your next steps. Whether it's recalling ancient healing techniques, understanding the intricate workings of the universe, or venturing into even more profound realms, trust in your spirit to lead the way.

Moreover, make meditation a daily ritual. Let it become as natural and essential as breathing. Speaking of which, be ever mindful of your breath. Don't try to control or alter it; simply observe it, feeling its rhythm and flow. Remember, the body is merely a vessel, akin to an urn, and it's the essence within that holds true significance. Value the intangible — the elements you cannot perceive with the naked eye or touch with your hands. It's in these unseen realms that true substance lies.

About me

I am known as Linas Juozenas
I am embodied in the form of a European male, adorned with long, blond hair and a matching beard.
My eyes are a striking shade of blue, and I stand tall at 180cm.